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RABTOR is always on the lookout for new partners to expand our horizons in the global market. We believe that opportunities are infinite and growth is unlimited. Positioned as a mid-range brand,  RABTOR would be ideal for bridging the gap between high end and low end brands. We welcome all types of partners including distributors, resellers, system integrators and installers.

Why choose RABTOR?

To stand out from the crowd, we understand that it is crucial to establish a point of difference. Our products are trusted by thousands of customers in various countries for their security needs. Over the years of manufacturing CCTV cameras, we have continued to insist in superior quality, reliability, innovation and affordability. We pride ourselves in not only supplying our partners with awide range of state-of-the-art products but also extensive technical and marketing support. We believe that in order for us to achieve growth, we must grow with our partners.

Read on and find out the reasons for choosing us as your supply partner:

  1. Quality and Reliability – we only produceprofessional CCTV cameras of high quality and will never settle for less. Our products are CE certified and cannot compare with the inferior products of some amateur manufacturers. All RABTOR products come with one year factory warranty. In-house production of a majority of raw materials and essential components ensures quality consistency and reliability. In addition to offering reliable products, this also enable us to have a high degree of control over production time and inventory levels, which in turn allows us to provide our partners with a reliable and stable supply.
  2. Competitive Rates – the fact that collective experience of our management and long term relation with our suppliers of raw materials and essential components contribute to effective cost control. As a result, we are able to offer competitive rates without compromising our strict quality standards. We pride ourselves in supplying high quality products at relatively affordable prices.
  3. Continuous up gradation – we don’t just sell copies of existing products in the market. Our philosophy is to “differentiate” rather than “cloning”. Furthermore, product enhancements are achieved via constant reviewing and fine-tuning of existing products with our suppliers.  We strive to release new products on a regular basis to remain competitive and facilitate growth.
  4. Exhaustive Product Testing – all products have to go through rigorous product testing to achieve quality assurance. We welcome prospective partners to perform product testing prior to commencing our partnership.
  5. Extensive Support for our Partners – we provide our partners with all the necessary product training, complete service support, and comprehensive accessible technical support. In addition to technical issues, we will also offer assistance with marketing and promotion of our productsabroad. For example, we will customize marketing materials such as catalogues or newsletters on request, and to offer assistance and support with promotion activitieswherever possible. We will also contact our partners on a regular basis to obtain a better understanding of their needs and concerns.
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